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                                                Effective December 1, 2017

*As of Friday, December 1, 2017, RLD will no longer accept Credit Card payments in person at RLD offices, nor by electronic mail (email), or direct mail.

*RLD will continue to accept checks and money orders (no cash) at all RLD offices (Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Las Cruces) or by direct mail.  However, please do not send Credit Card information to RLD by electronic mail (e-mail) or by direct mail.  On and after December 1, 2017, credit card information received via email or regular mail will be destroyed without processing.

*RLD will continue to accept Credit Card payments through our existing secure online systems that can be accessed via the Internet from your home, place of business, or mobile Internet device.

*No credit card breach of data incidents have occurred to date.  However, RLD is changing credit card processing to ensure a secure system is maintained in the future..


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Welcome to the new Citizen Portal

We are pleased to offer our citizens, businesses, and visitors access to government services online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Only use Internet Explorer.  Citizen Portal will not work correctly in Chrome, Fire Fox or any other browser. 

In partnership with Accela, Inc., we are fulfilling our promise to deliver powerful e-government services and provide valuable information about the community while making your interactions with us more efficient, convenient, and interactive. To use ALL the services we provide you must register and create a user account. You can view information, get questions answered and have limited services as an anonymous user. We trust this will provide you with a new, higher level of service that makes living and working in our community a more enjoyable experience.

Public: Click Search Permit Records below to search for permits that have already been issued.

Please note: Public access is limited to looking up permits.

Properly qualified contractors can apply for Electrical and Mechanical permits which do not require plan review or for which plan review has already been completed. Properly qualified contractors can also apply for MHD Setup and Conversion permits.

Contractors:  Please Login or click on New Users: Register for an Account.

Daily Outage: The Citizen Portal will be inaccessible between 2 AM and 3 AM MNT for maintenance.  

What would you like to do today?

To get started, select one of the services listed below:

Registration is limited to State of New Mexico Licensed Contractor only. A valid License # is required
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